Each user has the responsibility to do their own research and take advantage of the learning resources available to them. It is important to note that fees decrease if you trade more than $10,000 in volume over the prior 30-day period. High-volume trades of $20 billion per month or more can result in fees dropping to as low as 0%. With that said, Bitstamp doesn’t offer text-based support.

Bitstamp allows traders to convert their fiat to crypto in order to have more freedom on the blockchain. The platform has several order types that traders can use to get optimal use of the platform. The order types on Bitstamp https://forex-review.net/ include; Instant order, market order, limit order, stop order and trailing stop order. And international wire deposits will cost you a fee of 0.05 percent of the transfer value, with a minimum of $7.50 and a maximum of $300.

  • The company was technically insolvent as early as two years before the collapse and investigators believe that bitcoin were being stolen even before Karpelès bought the company.
  • Get the Comprehensive Low Down on Crypto with the Bitstamp Crypto Pulse Report.
  • The Bitstamp reviews show that the platform offers a user-friendly interface and reasonable trading fees with up to 70 cryptos to choose from.
  • For example, you might want 1 BTC but only be willing to pay $19,000 for it.

Additionally, during the verification process, your documents are secured using PGP encryption. Even if the hackers manage to access the server with your data on it, your information will be safe since it is encrypted. These are some of the many features that make Bitstamp one of the industry’s most secure exchanges. Now that you know how the company secures its funds, it is obvious for you to ask how the company protects its users.

While Mt. Gox was easy to use and had become the go-to crypto exchange for many, it had security issues, which led to its eventual downfall. The platform was hacked in 2011, and by 2014, it went bankrupt. Generally speaking, storing your crypto on Bitstamp is safe. This is because Bitstamp keeps 98% of their digital assets offline in cold crypto storage.

To link a credit or debit card, users must complete the KYC process. Those who don’t will be limited to depositing cryptocurrency from an external wallet or exchange. As with most cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitstamp support is limited and you should expect to handle most account needs yourself. You get the same available order types on both the basic and Tradeview platforms.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Bitstamp

There are tons of exchanges, so it’s important to choose the one that works for you. Bitstamp charges very competitive fees compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform has a fee structure for different modes of deposit and also for different levels of investors. Additionally, they have dedicated applications for both Android and iOS on Google Play and the Apple Store, respectively. The platform offers speed and security to its customers, ensuring that they store the assets of their customers offline.

Bitstamp is a veteran cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2011 and has been leading the space ever since. The exchange puts an emphasis on quality over quantity, supplying trading options for a limited amount of cryptocurrencies yet maintaining a positive user experience overall. There are over 50 cryptocurrencies to choose from for spot trading. When it comes to trading security, this is an area BitStamp has really focused on in recent years. A number of protective measures are in place including keeping as much as 95% of assets in cold storage offline and having all assets fully insured. The company also uses 2FA alongside email confirmation of withdrawals.

Huobi is the 6th largest exchange in the world in terms of volume. On a daily basis, the exchange processes over $950 million worth of trades daily on average. The platform offers perpetual crypto futures and leveraged ETFs.

I go into further detail on why this isn’t recommended in my Coinbase Review for you to check out before you try and become a pro trader simply from a mobile app. There is nothing Earth-shattering or ground-breaking here. Just like the Bitstamp exchange itself, the app is just a very easy, dependable, simple place to buy, sell, and trade crypto.

bitstamp review

The exchange’s user database was also leaked for sale, including usernames and hashed passwords. Mt. Gox administrators responded by taking the site offline for several days. Bitstamp is a global crypto exchange with a presence in Luxembourg, London, and New York. The Better Business Bureau has given its US division, Bitstamp USA Inc., a B- rating. Stefan has been writing articles for DCForecasts since 2016 in-house full time.

Bitstamp Benefits

The only real downsides are a slight lack of variety in cryptocurrencies compared to industry giants, as well as somewhat high trading fees for small users. As the Bitstamp app reviews show, users have access to 15 digital assets and up to 56 crypto trading pairs. One of the positive sides of this platform is that it offers a decent user experience for traders.

bitstamp review

It is easy to navigate through its main dashboard to access the various tools and functionalities it hosts. Security is a major issue among cryptocurrency exchanges these days, with many of the top names in crypto being hacked over the past few years. Founded in 2011, Bitstamp is one of the oldest active crypto exchanges around.

Key features

The app gives you access to Tradeview, allowing you to use its vast range of analytical tools to make good trades when you’re on the move. Bitstamp focuses on quality over quantity.While you may not find an endless variety of crypto or advanced order types, the services the company does offer work great and are convenient to avail. Bitstamp only allows you to place market orders, limit orders, stop orders, and instant orders. You can place these orders using the simple homepage interface or using Tradeview, the company’s advanced interface.

bitstamp review

Added money to my account easily, and felt sure this would be a great experience. I accidentally clicked on the withdraw button to be told my withdraws were disabled. Emailed them 2 Months ago with no reply bar an automated message to say they got it.

Bitstamp allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies using several options, including USD, EUR, GBP, BTC, and ETH. However, some assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have many more options available to use as payment options. A market order allows the traders to buy or sell their preferred cryptocurrency at the current market price. The market order type lets the trader set the amount of cryptocurrency they want to spend. For this option, the user is just interested in buying a certain amount of crypto, say 10 ETH.

If you value your money. STAY AWAY!

In 2023, the lost bitcoin is worth an estimated $21 billion. In June 2011, a hacker breached the site through a compromised computer belonging to an auditor of the company. The hacker used stolen credentials to briefly alter the nominal value of bitcoin from $16.85 to bitstamp review $0.01, then transferred 2,000 bitcoins out of customer accounts. Additional bitcoins were also purchased by customers at the artificially low price during the hack. Reasons for the “loss” were not clear at the time and only 200,000 bitcoins were initially recovered.

There are two types of accounts on Bitstamp, personal and corporate and they both have different charges. The Individual trading fees are based on 30-day USD trading volumes and they get lower when the trading volume increases. The charges are based on the payment method that is used by the traders but depositing and withdrawing crypto are free. The bigger traders that can be market makers can request maker fees if they contact support. Overall, Bitstamp outperforms many competitors in terms of its easy-to-use platform and simplified fee structure. However, Bitstamp’s lack of margin trading, limited staking options, and limited cryptocurrency range make many other exchanges more desirable for intermediate and advanced traders and investors.

In 2011, two friends, Nejc Kodric and Damijan Merlak, co-founded Bitstamp in their homeland, Slovenia. Bitstamp was one of the first platforms to compete with Mt. Gox. The uniqueness of this order type is that it can trace the asset’s price in whichever direction it is headed. On the other hand, the stop order can also be used if you expect your trade to hit a specific price in profit and you would like to lock in your profits.

I can’t call them as I’m deaf, so my only option is email, and they aren’t answering. Bitstamp is only registered with the companies house in the UK , but NOT even registered with the FCA , and not regulated by the FCA. This means that you may not get your money back if you are sending your deposits to bitstamp. We already got back to you on other social media channels. As explained, the return of your wrongly deposited crypto may take a while to recover. Bitstamp never keeps our user’s funds so rest assured that as soon as we are able to recover them, we will let you know.

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